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This 24 step program will help you navigate through uncertain times with your clients and ensure that their business and personal health is maintained.

When a disaster or major crisis suddenly impacts your clients business, we all need to react quickly and effectively. We need to keep an eye on the mental health of our clients and their staff as we try and cope with the sudden, and sometimes drastic, change to our business.

We have put this workbook together for Advisors to try and help their clients with their decision making and cope from two perspectives:

  • From a Business Perspective
  • From a Personal Perspective

We encourage all advisors to work throught this 24 step program with their clients.

The 24 Step Business Survival Program


Stage 1: Business Resilience:

  1. Assess how your business is coping
  2. What is your current cash?
  3. How would you describe the likely impact
  4. What immediate risk mitigation strategies can you implement
  5. Financial best/worst case modelling
  6. Expense reduction strategies
  7. Wage strategies
  8. Cash strategies
  9. Government stimulus
  10. Additional funding
  11. Looking for opportunities in the new environment
  12. Reducing the range of products you are focusing on
  13. How are your competitors reacting?
  14. SWOT Analysis
  15. Marketing Objectives & Strategy
  16. Assess how your business is coping
  17. Contingency Planning

Stage 2: Personal Resilience:

  1. Coping with stress
  2. Embrace Change
  3. Taking charge
  4. Positive thinking
  5. Creating balance
  6. Personal plan
  7. Support

Receive your FREE copy of the Business Survival Guide to start using with your clients straight away!

Included in this program is a 144 page colour workbook which outlines the 24 steps above as well as worksheets, templates and roadmaps to help you help your clients navigate through uncertain times.

This workbook will give you a structure to how you can help your clients identify not only their current situation and position, but also formulate new opportunities and possibilities through engagement exercises and asking thought-provoking questions.

The Institute of Advisors also offers a Business Advisor Certification which takes you through a self-paced online platform designed for any advisor offering advice to small to medium sized businesses.