We interviewed our students to determine:

The Top 4 Reasons Why Advisors Do The Business Advisory Certification (BAC) Course

1. Credential

You gain access to the Institute of Advisors’ logo which acts a symbol of professionalism and credibility. The certification, the logo and listing on the IOA member directory positions you as having attained the distinguished credential. Which can be used in your marketing to attract clients, build trust and gain an advantage over your competition. There has been a flood of accountants, book keepers, business coaches and consultants come into the market in recent years and without regulation. There is no quality control over who calls themselves an advisor or the quality of the advice they deliver. With the flood of advisors coming into the market there is a problem… the pool of clients starts to dry up. In order to win new clients and separate yourself from the competition you need to stand out from the crowd. Business owners want to know that they are investing in advisors who are credible, qualified and will guarantee results.

2. Confidence & Knowledge

Unlike other courses you will hear from successful advisors from across the globe. Expert advisors who have built their own highly successful practices. You will learn a simple step-by-step process that you can replicate to establish an advisory practice and highly profitable business model. The course will build your confidence and competence. It not only educates you on theoretical methodologies, the course contains practical exercises designed to get you implementing what you learn live with clients. If you are like most advisors who are starting out, or have tried before and not really had success then it’s natural to feel a degree of self-doubt. You may not be confident in yourself or you may not have the knowledge and know how to make your advisory practice work. The Institute of Advisor’s Academic Panel is filled with videos from advisors outlining their proven methodologies, client discovery meeting tips, best marketing practices, and years of advisory knowledge.

3. Community

By joining the program you become part of the leading professional body for business advisors, now spanning across 9 countries including Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand, and South-East Asia with opportunities for more. The certification is globally recognised and is fast becoming the most popular and sought-after credential within the business advisor community. For a lot of advisors (particularly new starts) who face the challenges of an evolving market with new technology and diverse client issues you may never have dealt with previously… it can be challenging to know where to turn to for support. We encourage our certified students to connect and form support communities within their local Chapters. The Institute helps to connect our members and support one another through collaborative events, networking groups and seminars.

4. How To Win New Clients

The BAC is a practical online program that guides you through the proven process of positioning your practice, marketing your services, and attracting new clients. These methodologies have been implemented by successful advisors from various backgrounds, all of which have collaborated their collective knowledge to create the best practice methodology. The business advisory landscape changes rapidly… We only need to look to the initial impact of the Covid pandemic not only on business owners but also on advisors around the world, which shows the importance of quality advice and the value a good advisor can provide. The goal of the course is to provide you with the tools, templates, credibility and a ready to go plan that can be implemented immediately setting your practice up for success from the start. Becoming certified allows you to reach a new level of quality and professionalism, by agreeing to a universally accepted set of standards that the Institute of Advisors built places you in a league of elite advisors.


September workshops are fast approaching!

If you are considering undertaking the certification we only have a handful of spots left for our upcoming online workshops, these workshops will be run over 3 x 2-hour sessions and will provide a very practical element to the course. If you’ve been struggling to build your advisory/consultancy services, whether it be securing new clients, learning how to market your services or how to work with clients on a value-based engagement then the Business Advisory Certification course is the perfect pathway.

Dates & Times:
3rd September: 8am – 10am (AEST)
10th September: 8am – 10am (AEST)
17th September: 8am – 10am (AEST)

Register below, secure your spot, and become certified!

Bonus: All new students for the September workshops will receive a branded business planning ebook to help you with marketing and attracting new prospects.

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