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The institute is an established community of professional advisors of different disciplines who offer professional Business Advisory services. The Institute offers continuing development & educational programs to ensure these advisors are capable of offering business advisory services to the highest possible standard.






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Integrate “Business Advisory” Into Your Practice

If there is to be a set of worldwide standards, they need to be clear, easy to administer and easy to integrate and deliver for Business Advisors. They must include professional, ethical and personal standards. The institute recommends methodologies, processes and practical tools designed to advance the Business Advisory profession and encourages adherances to a set of standards and a code of practice.

Business Advisory certification & endorsed training courses

The Institute has evaluated and recommended several external courses as well as developing internally run and licensed courses. If your practice is after a formal accreditation process we recommend a number of options

Professional community raising awareness & excellence

The Institute has established chapters around the world that supports and represents accredited and competent practitioners working across all disciplines of the advisory, coaching and consulting profession. The Institute of Advisors provides information, services and education and certification programs to advisors and the community through these chapters. Members have the right to use and display the Institute logo once they become accredited.

Meet our Country Chapter Presidents

Peter Hickey

Peter Hickey is a best selling author, CEO and founder of MAUS Business systems, a leading software publisher. MAUS has sold to over 60,000 SME's and over 10,000 advisors.

Cindy Reid-Shelton

Cindy Reid-Shelton is the President of Intent Planning the premier financial planning services firm in Canada. Top advisors routinely seek Cindy’s knowledge and insight to serve the needs of some of Canada’s wealthiest families.

Joe Woodard

Joe Woodard, Catalyst of Advisor Empowerment, leads the Executive Team at Woodard which provides leading education, coaching and resources to the global accounting professional community. Joe has trained over 150,000 accounting professionals and is the host of the Scaling New Heights conference.

Gary Jesson

Gary Jesson is the founder and director of EFM Financial Management, a progressive financial management firm that helps financial directors provide advice to SMEs.

Dr. Fakhrul Anwar Zainol

Dr. Fakhrul has served as the the Director for the Center of Entrepreneurship at the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin. Currently, he serves as Associate professor at the faculty of economics and management sciences.

Samuel Yip

Samuel Yip is a senior business executive with proven ability to operate at board level to lead businesses specializing in the financial services industry.

Sukumaran Poosamy

Sukumaran Poosamy specializes working with large sized conglomerates. Currently he is serving as President Group HR at GVK Group one of India's largest conglomerates.

Mike Hoff

Mike Hoff is the Co-Founder & CEO of MHC, one of the most prestigious executive and business advisory firms in Dubai. Mike has more than 30 years of senior leadership experience across a wide spectrum of trades and professions.

Melanie Power

Melanie Power is a serial small business startup addict, having had a range of businesses from accounting practices, motorcycle dealerships, finance brokerages and IT consultancy. Her passion and expertise is all about the planting and growing of businesses and she has a specific focus of empowering bookkeepers to live life to their own plan, and design a business that serves them and their clients!

Rob Dorey

Rob is a certified SME business advisor backed up by 30 years of Corporate business transformation experience. Rob is currently an active Angel Investor and specialises in using the Business Success Programme toolkit to reduce execution risk in high growth start-ups.

Join our Chapter Awareness Programs in your area

Meet our Local Chapter Leaders

Australia Chapter Leaders

Sydney – Simon Prowse
Canberra – Phil Roberts
Melbourne CBD – Jason O’Mahoney
Victoria Regional – Dale Coutts
Tasmania – Grant Howe
Brisbane – James Hoy
Adelaide – Philip Johns
Perth – Michael Aliphon

North America Chapter Leaders

Atlanta – Joe Woodard
Canada – Cindy Reid-Shelton
Eastern Canada – Jennifer Davis
Western Canada – Kim Powell
New York – Jamie Blackman
Grand Rapids – Mary Van Skiver

UK Chapter Leaders

London – Gary Jesson
North East England – David Blair
South West – Jason Mountjoy
Plymoth – Gavin Jones

Asia Chapter Leaders

Malaysia – Dr Fakrul
India – Sukumaran
Hong Kong – Samuel Yip
UAE – Bill Anderson

New Zealand Chapter Leaders

New Zealand – Rob Dorey
Waikato – Phil Wicks


The Institute Charter

Business Advisory Standards

To lobby government and educate the professional associations on a higher level of professional standards

Local education & Awareness events

To provide local education and community events through chapters

Professional Certification Courses

To conduct certification courses in professional BusinessAdvisory