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The Institute of Advisors is a body representing professional Business Advisors around the world, founded in 2009 with the aim of raising the standards in Business Advisory services. We offer training and certification courses that help Business Advisors to be successful.

Business Advisory Certification Course

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The Institute launches a Free "Survival & Thrive in a Crisis Guide" to give to your clients.
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The Institute, in conjunction with our partners, MAUS Business Systems, launches a free cash flow calculator.
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The Global Business Advisory Certification and Training

The Institute has developed an extremely practical certification course to improve the confidence, competency and quality of those looking to become an advisor, become a consultant or become a coach. This certification course uses practical examples and business models from around the world to educate business advisors how to be successful. The course is based on over 20 years of research and contains advisory tools and software to automate and streamline the advisory practice.

Business Advisory Certification & Endorsed Training Courses

If you are looking to become an advisor, become a consultant, become a coach or if you've been in the industry for some time. The Institute has developed one of the most comprehensive, pragmatic and practical courses in the world. At the end of the course, students are certified with the Institute as a Certified Business Advisor. Graduates can use the credential, logo and materials to help themselves stand out from their competitors.

Professional Community Raising Awareness & Excellence

The Institute has established chapters around the world that supports and represents certified and competent advisors, consultants and coaches working across all disciplines of the profession. The Institute of Advisors provides information, services, education, certification courses and support to the advisors in the community through our local chapters

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Meet our Country Chapter Presidents

institute of advisors australia

Peter Hickey
Chapter President


Peter Hickey is a best-selling author, CEO and founder of MAUS Business Systems, a leading software publisher. MAUS has sold over to 60,000 SME’s and over 10,000 advisors.


Joe Woodard

Joe Woodard
Chapter President


Joe is the CEO of the Woodard Company which has trained over 100,000 accounting firms across the USA. He has provided leading education resources, coaching advice and resources for over 15 years.

Rob Dorey

Rob Dorey
Chapter President


Rob is a certified SME business advisor backed by 30 years of Corporate business transformation experience. Rob is currently an active Angel Investor and specialises in using the Business Success Programme toolkit to reduce execution risk in high growth start-ups.

institute of advisors hong kong

Samuel Yip
Chapter President


Samuel is a senior business executive with proven ability to operate at board level to lead businesses specialising in the finance industry

institute of advisors dubai

Mike Hoff
Chapter President


Mike Hoff is the Co-Founder & CEO of MHC, one of the most prestigious executive and business advisory firms in Dubai. Mike has more than 30 years of senior leadership experience across a wide spectrum of trades and professions


P.P. Sukumaran
Chapter President


Sukumaran specialises working with large sized conglomerates. Currently he is serving as President Group HR at GVK Group one of India’s largest conglomerates

institute of advisors malaysia

Dr Fakhrul Anwar Zainol
Chapter President


Dr. Fakhrul has served as the Director for the Center of Entrepreneurship at the University Sultan Zainal Abidin. Currently, he serves as an Associate professor at the faculty of economics and management sciences.

Gary Jeeson Optimised

Gary Jesson
Chapter President


Gary is a founder and director of EFM Financial Management, a progressive financial management firm that helps financial directors provide advice to SMEs.

Business Advisory

To lobby governments and educate professional associations, setting the standard for business advisors and consultants

Local Education & Awareness Events

To provide local education and community events through

Professional Certification Courses

To conduct certification courses in
professional Business

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Our Vision

The Institute aims to empower professional Business Advisors around the world through certification and professional benchmarks & standards. The Institute, in conjunction with industry leading partners and other association bodies around the world, have developed a set of methodologies and processes that every Business Advisor should follow.

Our Purpose

The Institute helps accountants, bookkeepers, wealth planners, consultants and other professionals integrate Business Advisory Services into their practice. The Institute delivers standards, processes and will recommend practical tools designed to advance the Business Advisory profession.

Institute events and local chapters bring together business brokers, accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, financial planners, HR professionals and coaches into one organisation with the goal of educating and improving the knowledge, skills and professionalism of the advisory function as well as collaborating in groups to promote their local firms.