Tips from our experts on how to start an advisory or consulting business and help coach your clients to success

We asked our academic panel to provide tips on starting or building a successful consulting, business advisory or coaching business. The institute of advisors CPBA program (Certified Professional Business Advisor) will place the structure and the detail around these tips. Our Business Advisory certification course is an online, self-paced course designed for anyone who is looking to offer advice to small to medium sized businesses. The course has resources, worksheets and lessons from industry leading advisors and consultants.

Phil Roberts – The importance of presentation

Joe Woodard – Why have a strategic plan?

Dale Coutts – How to generate new leads

Rebecca Deane – Growth is the key to happiness

Peter Christman – Good advisor vs poor advisors

Fred Fardeau – Client review meetings

David Blair – Long term value generation

Sue Wilde – Empathy & Listening

Steve Beatty – Using a board of advisors to gain credibility

Darrell Weekes – Tips on how to build your practice

Jamie Blackman – How to build a successful practice

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