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The Institute runs and endorses training and certification courses designed for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Independent Consultants who are looking to establish, scale and grow their consulting practice

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“The course expanded my knowledge of the balanced scorecard approach to planning and Peter Hickey’s considerable expertise in the subject matter added a lot of value. The course provided a methodology & system for delivering advisory services. One of my favorite tools was the one-page dashboard used for monthly client review meetings.”
Linda Hamilton, CPA, CGMA

Certified Business Advisor (CBA) Course

Course Outline:

The MAUS Certified Business Advisor Course will help you use ‘best practice’ methodology and market-leading technology to build a profitable practice and create recurring revenue. You will be taken through the fundamentals in a mixture of online and face-to-face sessions to help you easily win new clients and avoid the #1 mistake advisors make. You will learn how to sell on value and how to charge, as well as how to develop a referral base and generate recurring revenue. These courses have been based on over 25 years of industry experience and has been developed into a proven step-by -step methodology which anyone can follow!

Institute Certified Business Advisor (CBA) Program

The institute conducts a formal Certification in Business Advisory. The certification course includes world class training, tuition and practical tools, teaching you to become a “best of breed” business advisor. These courses combine best practice processes with leading methodologies. You will walk away with software, methodologies, confidence and a credential as a Certified Business Advisor.

Recommended Partner Courses

These are accreditation and professional development courses that the Institute highly recommends as add-on or continuous development courses. These courses combines a combination of best practice and methodologies.

Upcoming Certification Courses

Upcoming Institute Certified Business Advisor (CBA) Courses
Certified Business Advisor Online Workshops (3/3)
Upcoming Recommended Partner Courses
MAUS Accredited Partner Program (Sponsor Event)
MAUS Accredited Partner Program (Sponsor Event)