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The Melbourne CBD Chapter of the Institute of Advisors is committed to helping accountants, bookkeepers, wealth planners, consultants and other professionals integrate Business Advisory Services into their practice.

We at the Melbourne CBD Chapter aim to empower professional Business Advisors around the world through certification and professional benchmarks & standards. The Institute, in conjunction with industry leading partners and other association bodies around the world, have developed a set of methodologies and processes that every Business Owners should follow

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The Melbourne CBD Chapter supports the Institute's goal of collaborating with the passionate thought leaders in the space to create:

  • A set of worldwide benchmarked standards that can be incorporated into any advisory practice.
  • To recognise the excellent work in the setting of standards and accreditation by other respected bodies and to provide access to the accreditation process
  • To create a free membership library that fosters the growth and development of material and resources in this area
  • To offer a mentoring program to help professional advisors to add “Advisory” services
  • To Assess and recommend products that meet the quality guidelines of the Institute’s board of governors

Meet Your Local Chapter Leaders

David Hayward

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Rebecca Kartel

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Kathy Sdrinis

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Noel Currie


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Frank Colli


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Carolynne Austin-Dougherty


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Emete Joesika

Local Chapter President

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Victor Kon

Ex-Business Manager/Owner

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Phillip Efthimiou

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Nathan Preyser

Local Chapter President

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