Sales & Marketing Certificate Course
- for Business Advisors and Consultants

Institute of Advisors® – The marketing certificate course offers a comprehensive guide on how to Build a Successful Business Advisory & Consulting Practice

  • Learn how to market your Consulting and Advisory Business
  • Become respected, trusted and valued with our Marketing Credential 
  • Includes sample strategies to improve the key aspects of marketing… Improve your Sales skills, Personal brand, Prospect psychology, Client Discovery, and get more referrals!
  • Receive access to brochures, videos, diagrams, call to actions, Seo & social media tools, Workbooks and proposals.



Includes instant access to:
  • Consulting & Advisory Course outline & curriculum information
  • Access to videos of some of the most successful business advisors & consultants around the world and their tips on how you can grow your practice
  • Access to a 144-page, 21 step color consulting workbook guide










  • Purpose of course 
  • How to use the course 
  • How to adapt the strategies to your practice 
  • What does a Success Pathway look like 
  • What the course will cover ( How to market yourself & market your practice services) 
  • Next Steps & tips 
  • Develop Strategic Roadmap 
  • Understand how to market yourself 
  • Will you become an overnight success? 
  • Steps to becoming a great advisor 
  • Comfort Zone 
  • Practice makes perfect 
  • Skills you need to master 
  • All advisors should be certified 
  • Why become certified 
  • Who, what, how, how much & why
  • What is marketing
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Who are you marketing to?
  • Powerful marketing techniques
  • Brochure
  • Follow up more information
  • Methodology processes
  • Spicy banners
  • Good copy
  • 5 words to double the power of your copy
  • Education based marketing
  • Sample advertising copy
  • Sample “special off” words
  • Lead generation technique
  • Planning
  • Demographics
  • Have a cheat sheet when talking to clients
  • Planned lead generation and client acquisition
  • Personal and business blocks
  • Lifecycle
  • Types of strategies 
  • Social media groups 
  • Seo 
  • PPC 
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars
    • Create a good first impression
    • Focus on active listening skills
    • Don’t look scared
    • 42 muscles in the face
    • How to build confidence
    • Get feedback from someone close to you
    • The imposter syndrome
    • Comfort zone
    • What makes a good advisor
    • Advisor Performance Rating
    • Whats holding your marketing efforts back
    • Focus on sales skills
    • Prospects don’t trust you
  • How to build trust
  • Selling process
  • How to overcome objections
  • Clever phrases and questions
  • Sales trust pyramid
  • Discovery session talk time
  • Sales funnel
  • Ab & C clients
  • Referral types
  • Sample sales script
  • Testimonials
  • Introduction to Fred the advisor 
  • Create a “Website summary of services”  
  • Create a business coaching video 
  • Create a Exit planning video 
  • Create a Advisory Board videos 
  • Create a “We love business owners” videos 
  • Website calls to action graphics 
  • Create a Proposal 
  • Create a “How we work with clients” powerpoint 
  • Create a Client workbook 


By the end of this module, students will have an understanding of

By the end of this module, students will have an understanding of

By the end of this module, students will have
an understanding of

By the end of this module, students will have
an understanding of

By the end of this module, students will have
an understanding of

By the end of this module, students will have
an understanding of

Elevate Your Skills with The Institute of Advisors Marketing Course & Microcredential

Build your confidence

Master the skills of marketing as a business advisor or consultant with full training provided

Stand out from the crowd

Our Microcredential and certification will help you to stand out from your competitors as a professional.

Step by step process

The course provides a practical step by step process, including forms, templates and resources to get started immediately.

Gain a Micro-credential and Free Institute of Advisors Membership for a whole year

Are you looking at establishing or growing your Advisory practice. Are you an ex businesses manager, accountant, or bookkeeper. Are you looking to make a career change into business consultancy, or just someone who is always looking to expand their skillsets? If yes then this course is designed specifically for individuals like you.

The Institute of Advisors offers a Marketing course that will help you offer more value to your clients. With a focus on SEO, social media, marketing basics, and more. This course will equip you with the tools and resources you need to succeed as a marketing specialist in the world of business advisory. Plus, with a micro-credential and free membership to the Institute of Advisors, you’ll have everything you need to take your career to the next level.

You will learn how to engage clients, how to price your services and charge on value. You will be provided with sample marketing resources, brochures and consulting software so you can walk away from the course with a ready to go plan.

This course has been based on over 20 years of industry experience and includes a proven step-by-step methodology which anyone can follow!

Quick Tips From Our Successful Advisors

A Sales Process

The Clients Decisions

Finding Your Ideal Target

Michael Altenburger
Michael Altenburger
To the point - a must have for every consultant, coach or advisor! Back in my university days I had to work my way through tons of text books most of which were not nearly as dense with information as Peter Hickey's latest output. It seems that those academics were paid for their output according to the thickness of the book.All of Peter's writing provides deep insights and gets straight to the point. No time wasters and lots of actionable exercises.
Karin Rook
Karin Rook
Resourceful, practical and comprehensive If you are looking for resources to plan for your new coaching or advisory practice, need a playbook to set up your new advisory or want to learn about the tips and tools ttah can help you to refine your existing professional service company, you have come to the best place to learn from the master of business advisory.Peter Hickey is one of the best thought leaders in Australia in Business Planning, Business Value Growth and Exit Planning and Peter is lifting the Business Planning Advisory globally to the highest professional level. You don’t want to miss out on this guide to success if you are serious about starting and building a successful business advisory.The success tips, followed by personal skills tips and sales tips are my favourite part of this practical and comprehensive guide to success. With a positive mindset the world will be transformed.
Cathy Costello
Cathy Costello
Ingenious What an ingenious array of artefacts and anecdotes, that only Peter Hickey could deliver !
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
A must read for every business Consultant "The Consulting and Advisory Guide to Success" is a must-read for anyone looking to embark on or enhance their business advisory journey. This book, crafted by Peter Hickey who I know to be a proven successful consultant and entrepreneur, is a comprehensive and insightful resource that brilliantly sets out all that is needed in starting, building, and growing a successful advisory practice.
bob st julian
bob st julian
Practical sense Great read. It wasn't full of theory. Rather practical and useful tips to help me do my job. My kind of book that I really got a lot out of and will use as a tool.
Greg Boyer
Greg Boyer
A Comprehensive Blueprint for Aspiring Consultants and Advisors Peter Hickey's "The Consultant & Advisors Guide to Success" is a must-read for anyone looking to build a thriving consulting and advisory services career. With a reputation as a world-class expert in helping advisors and consultants create successful businesses, Peter delivers a comprehensive and insightful guide.The book begins with a strong foundation, addressing the crucial steps for getting started in the consulting industry. Peter's straightforward and actionable advice demystifies the initial hurdles and provides a clear path for aspiring consultants. His emphasis on cultivating a success-oriented mindset is particularly noteworthy. He understands that a positive attitude and mental resilience are fundamental to achieving long-term success, and he provides readers with practical strategies to develop and maintain this mindset.One of the standout sections of the book is on skill development. Peter breaks down essential personal and sales skills, offering valuable tips and exercises to help readers enhance their capabilities. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your existing skills, this section is packed with actionable insights that can immediately be applied to your professional practice.Marketing is another critical area covered extensively in this guide. Peter expertly navigates the basics of marketing, making complex concepts accessible and easy to understand. His approach to education-based marketing is particularly innovative, highlighting the importance of providing value and building trust with potential clients through informative and educational content.What sets "The Consultant & Advisors Guide to Success" apart is its practical focus. Peter's advice is not just theoretical; it's grounded in real-world experience and proven strategies. The book contains examples, case studies, and actionable steps that readers can immediately implement to see tangible results.Overall, Peter Hickey's guide is invaluable for anyone in the consulting and advisory field. Its clear, concise, and comprehensive approach makes it an essential addition to any consultant's library. Whether at the beginning of your journey or looking to take your business to the next level, "The Consultant & Advisors Guide to Success" provides the roadmap to achieve your goals and build a successful consulting practice.If you're serious about your consulting career, take advantage of this world-class guide. It's a game-changer.
Simon Prowse
Simon Prowse
Consultancy and Advisory A great comprehensive guide to setting up a successful business consultancy business. Fred’s journey is easy to follow and written in plain English with clearly identified steps. The aurthur clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of business advisory. This book is a must for any aspiring business coach and advisor.
frankie w.
frankie w.
This one is a must read for all you advisors out there! Peter draws from his immense experience in the industry to deliver an insightful and detailed guide! I love how he draws from real world examples from his own experience and does so in a clear and concise manner. The guide's personal insight into education-based marketing strategies really stuck with me, and has completely changed the way I navigate relationships in business. 10/10!
Robb Dorey, New Zealand
Robb Dorey, New Zealand
A 30 Year View on Success in SME Business Advisory Peter Hickey is a legend in the SME advisory space in Australia, New Zealand USA and beyond. Peter's book is a great read as it show greatness and impact are not an event but a journey! Peter's journey is a great read for business owners and anyone interested in the advisory space.
David Hume
David Hume
Great Book for Consultants - Highly Recommend! This is a great book for current or aspiring consultants/advisors that offers clear and actionable strategies for building and growing a consulting practice. Peter's very practical insights and real-world examples make this an awesome tool for anyone looking for success in the consulting industry. Highly recommend!

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Learn the secrets of how advisors around the
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  • 12 months free membership valued at 499 RRP
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The Institute of Advisors runs courses in over 10 countries
around the world

The Institute of Advisors is a body representing professional Business Advisors around the world, founded in 2009 with the aim of raising the standards in Business Advisory services.

The Institute of Advisors runs certification courses in 10 countries around the world and is the leading global educational body with headquarters based in Australia.

Peter Christman
The Christman Group

“Real world, practical insights and techniques, allows consultants to be productive almost immediately. A must for anyone entering the advisory profession or those in it that are not achieving their goals and objectives”

Lori Parkins
Parkins Financial

“What I most liked about the course was that it pointed me in the direction that I really needed to focus on. Immediately after the course I had an opportunity with a client to build a 90 day plan on how to change her approach to marketing for new clients and other customers”

Dario Zanichelli
Chicagoland CPAs

“I highly recommend this course for beginners in consulting for small to medium sized businesses”

The goal of the Institute
of Advisors is to

Is to lift the quality of advice and give advisors a practical framework to help build a more successful practice and have better, more positive outcomes for
business owners.

  • The Institute of Advisors is a body representing professional Business Advisors around the world, founded in 2009 with the aim of raising the standards in Business Advisory services.
  • The Institute of Advisors runs certification courses in 10 countries around the world and is the leading global educational body with headquarters based in Australia.
  • The Institute acts as a body to lobby government as well as educating professional associations on a higher level of professional standards across the business advisory industry.

The goal of the Institute is to have as many advisors and accountancy firms certified as business advisors by the end of 2021.

The Marketing course is a completely self-paced online program, allowing you to fit it in with your lifestyle. But the course is complemented with live webinars, where we bring advisors together from all around the world. Our platform and events ensure you are successfully implementing and applying the principles, methodologies and the technology provided.

There is over 40 hours of online material & exercises + live, optional webinars.

The certification must be completed within a 12 month period but as it is self-guided you can complete it as quickly as you like.

Anyone wishing to build a consultancy or advisory practice targeting small to Medium sized business.

• Accountants / bookkeepers,
• Business advisors,
• Ex business managers,
• Consultants and business coaches,
• Ex business owners,
• Financial & wealth planners,
• Professional advisors such as M&a, business brokers & lawyers