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4 Key Tips To Creating A Successful Practice


Whether your an experienced consultant with years of experience in the field or a rookie searching for help on how to be a business consultant, these tips are can be adopted at any level!


1. You Do Not Have An Answer To Every Issue

You do not have the answer but rather you have the tools and methodologies to GET the answer. You need to understand that you do not know the business better than your client but rather you have the expertise in certain management practices and business processes.

“I am not an expert in your business, I am an expert in the systems and processes to grow and scale your business”

2. Make A Name For Yourself

  • Write a paper or a book with the intention of creating a ‘bestseller’
  • Present at conferences and workshops
  • Become an expert, know the subject better than anyone else and present it with passion
  • Seek awards
  • Seek influencers to recommend your services
  • Seek testimonials
  • Record video seminars and sell them

3. Practice, Practice, Practice 

As an advisor you should be constantly looking to expand your knowledge and fine tune your skills, but the core set of skills that are critical to your success are as follows:

  • Good listener
  • Empathetic
  • Investigate
  • Problem solving
  • Implementing action plans to achieve solutions

4. Avoid Common Mistakes 

  • Providing answers before they have the facts
  • Judgemental rather than objective
  • Providing solutions without referencing the alternatives
  • Selling work where none is needed
  • Providing definitive rather than suggested solutions
  • Revealing confidential information

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